Loyal to Soil.




It's Simple.

We grow healthy food that gives you a delicious way to help the earth heal.


What if the food you eat every day could...

  • Heal your whole body, from your brain to your bones. 

  • Bring your community together around delicious meals.

  • Connect with nature, to help heal the whole earth?

It can.

Signups are now open for the new, 2018 Spoon Full CSA

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Spoon Full Farm is not just organic.

Our "Whole Earth Farming" practices follows principles from permaculture, Biodynamics, no-till farming, management-intensive grazing, and from mother nature herself.

Our soil traps carbon out of the air and teems with life, so we don't need pesticides or artificial fertilizers to produce a lot of great food for you and your family to enjoy together and thrive.


May your spoon runneth over.


The 5 Spoons


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We're on a journey together. Humans need to grow food that nourishes and heals both our bodies and the earth. Let's learn together, share beautiful stories, and eat great food that helps the earth heal.

We won't share your contact with anyone, and we pledge that our emails will be sporadic and compelling.

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