Spoon Full CSA - 2018

Spoon Full CSA - 2018

from 500.00

Heal your whole body, from your brain to your bones. 

Bring your community together around delicious meals.

Connect with nature, to help heal the whole earth.

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Gather Your Harvest

“I LOVE it!...

It has seriously changed my life. Everything is so yummy.”

-Julie, 2017 Spoon Full CSA Member.

Your Spoon Full CSA will include:


-enough produce to feed you and your loved ones luscious produce (whole box feeds 1-5 people, depending on cooking frequency), curated fresh from our whole-earth garden. This is how you make kids love vegetables.

Click HERE for a .PDF with sample CSA box contents.

-24 weeks of service, beginning on June 1st, with deliveries continuing until November 9th. First-half season is June 1st-August 24th. 

-convenient drop-off and delivery options in Seattle and Ellensburg.

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-guaranteed farm-fresh pastured eggs, laid by happy, free-running chickens on an organic diet. These eggs have brilliant orange yolks, which contain so many minerals and antioxidants that we call them "Nature's Multivitamin." Limited quantity available (Hurry!!!).

-exclusive farm tours, which highlight the land's natural beauty and display our "Whole-Earth Farming" practices, which actively build soil health, grow the healthiest possible food, support biodiversity, and store CO2 underground in solid form.

-weekly original recipes (check out last year's recipes here).

-presale invites for exclusive, seasonal farm-to-table dinners with renowned local chefs (in 2017 we collaborated with Chef Tarik on a harvest dinner for the ages). 

-the knowledge that every delicious bite of food that you take actively helps your regional ecosystem, and therefore the whole earth, thrive in good health.




-The Spoon Full "Whole Earth Box" price is $41/week, and includes two reusable Spoon Full Farm canvas bags, for a total price of $1,000 for a full 24-week season.

-A half-season subscription is also available, for $500.

-"Solo" boxes, which feed 1-2 people, are also available in limited quantity. $650 for the full 24 weeks, $325 for a half-season. 

-Spoon Full Pastured Eggs are $8/dozen. Your CSA membership includes optional guaranteed access to our limited production of these incredible eggs.

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