In the center of Washington State is the Windy, half-wild Kittitas Valley. Inside a big bend in the beautiful Yakima River is Spoon Full Farm. Though we are only 90 minutes from Seattle, it feels like a different world. It's worth a visit, any time of year. 

Address: 1250 Dudley Road, Thorp, WA 98946

  Finn the Friendly Llama takes care of our grass-fed sheep on their grassy pasture

Finn the Friendly Llama takes care of our grass-fed sheep on their grassy pasture


Here's how it works: we build soil. The soil grows food. We share that food with you. You share that food with your people. You and your people thrive in good health, and so does the earth.

You can enjoy our produce, pasture-raised meat and eggs, honey, and kitchen products are available when you sign up for your Spoon Full CSA, visit us at a market, or place an online order (coming soon).



Spoon Full Farm is Loyal to Soil,

because the health of humans the whole earth begins in living soil, the source of nutrition and the world's largest carbon sink.

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Our farm practices follow principles from Permaculture, Biodynamics, and Holistic Management.

That means we mimic -and augment- ecosystems, in order to balance the resilient biodiversity of nature with the productive capacity to make a profit and feed everyone.

Everything we do is aimed at building the soil, which rewards us (and you) with the most nutrient-dense, flavorful food possible.

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Our farm is a collaborative project of five young farmers, who each bring a unique skillset and hairstyle to the field. When we're not farming, we talk about farming, and when we're not talking about farming, we're floating the river or settling Catan.

Enough about us. If you want to thrive in good health, and at the same time help the earth heal, then you want Spoon Full food. We're in a food fight against climate change. It's going to be delicious.


May your spoon runneth over.

With love,

The 5 Spoons (Michael, Sami, Mericos, Sean, and Geoffrey)