Loyal to Soil.




We started with a question:


“What are we telling the land, and our bodies, when we eat?”

These days, most agriculture tells the land: 

“Produce tons and tons of one single crop. We’re willing to poison you to get it.”

So the land has given us tons and tons of monoculture crops. But as part of the deal, we've also sickened our communities and polluted our water.

The five of us at Spoon Full Farm are working hard to say something different to the land:

Gorgeous boxes.JPG

“Grow in diverse, healthy abundance, because then we all can, too.”

Spoon Full Farm is not just organic. Our "Whole Earth Farming" follows principles from permaculture, Biodynamics, no-till farming, and management-intensive grazing. So we don't need pesticides or artificial fertilizers to produce a lot of great food.

Our soil traps carbon out of the air and teems with life. When you eat food from Spoon Full Farm, you tell your body and the world: 

Geoffrey and Sam carrying boxes of beautiful vegetables.

Geoffrey and Sam carrying boxes of beautiful vegetables.

“You deserve and desire to thrive in good health.”


May your spoon runneth over.


The 5 Spoons


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